What is the best way to study English?

Are you struggling to find the best method for learning English? You're not alone! Every student has a unique learning style

Are you struggling to find the best method for learning English? You’re not alone! Every student has a unique learning style, but there are a few characteristics that all good English methods share.

First and foremost, the best method for you to learn English is the one that motivates you and keeps you motivated. If you’re not motivated, you won’t study enough, you won’t practice enough, and you’ll give up before you become fluent. So find a method that works for you and keeps you engaged in the learning process.

A good English method should also have a 50/50 split between learning new things and practicing what you’ve learned. Little chunks of study throughout the day are also helpful, as is developing all skills in parallel (speaking, listening, reading, writing). It’s also important to focus on task-based work, where you try to do things in English, and to leverage the skills you already have in other languages.

If you’re considering purchasing a published English learning method, check if your local library lends out this type of book or if they have a subscription to an online English service. This can be a cost-effective way to try out different methods before committing to a purchase.

One sure-fire method to learn English is to take an English course abroad. You’ll have lots of exposure throughout the day, tasks to accomplish in English, and opportunities to practice speaking with thousands of innocent bystanders. If that’s not an option, online English courses can also be effective, provided they include a free trial before committing to a subscription.

And remember, don’t be afraid to change methods if you’re not satisfied with the results. Blaming yourself is not productive – blame the method! It’s worth investing a little bit of time and money in trying out different methods before committing to one. The best method for you is out there – you just need to find it!


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